Programs & Curriculum

Talented Tots curriculum encompasses the four main subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social science. These subject areas are taught through thematic units. We also have a different “exploratory class” each day of the week which includes; Spanish, music, gymnastics, computers and art. We design our curriculum to allow children to have a smooth transition into kindergarten.
Here are some examples of skills that are taught in each of the subject areas:


Targeted Skills

Every class has targeted skills that are based on the age level of the classroom. Daily activities geared toward these skills will stimulate your child’s development and make him/her excited about learning! Talented Tots’ infant and toddler programs are unique in their design. Instead of combining infants and toddlers into one classroom, there are four separate classrooms structured for each group to focus on individual developmental milestones. Here are some examples of targeted skills for each age level:

Wee Ones – (0 – 6 months old)

We cater to your baby’s individual needs and schedule while providing a structured environment with story time, sensory time, music and movement. While in our care, we focus on fine motor development by helping your baby learn to grasp items, wave, clap, and kick at objects. Our Wee Ones program helps strengthen gross motor skills through tummy time, crawling and exploring their surroundings. Weather permitting, we take the babies on walks and provide exploratory time outdoors. Our classrooms are designed to create a safe and loving environment for your baby to learn and grow in daily.

Roly Polies – (6 – 12 months old)

We continue to follow your child’s individual schedule. Your baby will begin to imitate and explore, learning to clap, wave, find hidden toys, and follow simple directions. We foster verbal skills by daily circle time with theme-based stories and songs. Our Roly Polies program introduces baby sign language so that your child can learn to communicate even before they are verbal. When you feel your child is ready, we will introduce table food and help your child to grasp and learn to feed him/herself. Our classrooms are designed so that your child can explore, crawl, learn to pull up, and walk. Weather permitting, we provide daily outdoor play in our playground area designed strictly for infant/toddler use.

Movers & Shakers – (12 – 18 months old)

When your child turns one year old, we begin to follow a classroom schedule where the kids eat snacks, lunch, and take a nap(s) at the same time. We follow the same schedule each day so that your child knows what to expect daily. We encourage your child’s mobility in a safe, open classroom where he/she can walk and run. Our Movers & Shakers program helps your child gain gross motor control through daily music and movement, ball play, riding toys and climbing toys. We foster your child’s fine motor skills by helping your child learn to scribble with crayons, turn book pages, stack blocks, feed him/herself and drink from a cup. Our curriculum is theme-based and we have daily circle time with thematic songs and stories. He or she will be introduced to colors, shapes and animal sounds, and will begin to recognize and say words from daily activities. Our Movers & Shakers have daily sensory exploration where he/she can gain verbal and social skills by using their five senses. Weather permitting, we provide daily outdoor play in our playground area designed strictly for infant/toddler use.

Wonderful Ones – (18 – 24 months)

We continue to follow a classroom schedule at this age. This classroom is a continuation of the skills that were introduced in Movers & Shakers. Through out thematic curriculum, daily circle time, sensory exploration, music and movement, we encourage your child’s verbal, social, and educational growth. In this classroom your child will start to identify family members and friends, learn their colors, imitate animal sounds, and repeat simple songs and movements. Weather permitting, we provide daily outdoor play in our playground area designed strictly for infant/toddler use that will allow your child to run, jump, and climb.

Talented Toddlers – (2 – 2 1/2 year olds)

A two year old learns best with structure and repetition. Our Talented Toddler’s day is designed so that the students know what to expect each day. Our circle time and thematic units are filled with fun songs and stories that will help your child’s vocabulary and continue to teach shapes, colors, numbers, etc. At age two, children like to start exploring their independence and doing things on his/her own. in our Talented Toddlers room, we foster that independence by allowing them to make choices and start completing simple tasks on their own. In this classroom we use Animal Action Songs as part of our curriculum. It is fun and innovative and allows the students to learn their letters and letter sounds through movements and simple songs. Your child will also continue to learn through sensory experiments and imaginative play. Music and movement and outdoor play are also included in their fun filled day!

Terrific Twos – (2 1/2 – 3 year olds)

This classroom is designed for older two year olds and early three year olds. In this classroom we continue to follow a structured routine so that the students know what to expect each day. We will build on the skills that were taught in the Talented Toddlers classroom and continue to teach shapes, colors, numbers and name recognition through daily circle time and our thematic units. In this classroom we review the Animal Action Songs curriculum and begin to introduce Frog Street Press curriculum. With Frog Street Press there is a song, story and character that correlates with each letter. The children receive their own take home books and songs to share with you so that you can be practicing letter recognition at home! Sensory exploration and imaginative play are built into the daily schedule to continue to enhance verbal and social skills amongst peers.

Superstars – (age 3 – 4 Preschool)

Our Superstars classroom is designed to prepare  your child for Pre-Kindergarden. In this room we continue using the Frog Street Press curriculum. This curriculum allows your child to learn letters and letter sounds through silly songs, stories and characters. It is designed so that your child can develop early reading skills by imitating reading patterns and beginning to retell simple stories. In this classroom your child will also learn to write his/her name. Fine motor skills are taught through the opportunity to trace letters, color and use scissors. Social skills will be learned through imaginative play, sensory exploration and organized games/activities. In this classroom we also incorporate a daily circle time and thematic units.

WonderKids – (Pre-K)

Our certified Pre-K program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Our WonderKids are introduced to Starfall, an integrated curriculum that will give children a love for learning and a running start into Kindergarten. This exciting program integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development, all under a framework of guided instruction and imaginative play. Starfall was also written with Common Core expectations, ensuring children will be prepared for later education. We encourage individual growth within our curriculum through the use of morning meeting, calendar time, learning centers and exploration time. Learning through play is also utilized to facilitate student learning at their own pace and understanding. Children are also encouraged to be active learners within their different learning environments. Your child’s progress will be communicated regularly through daily communication sheets and parent-teacher conferences. We also provide ongoing assessments with Kindergarten readiness in mind.