Testimonials & FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do we offer part-time daycare and preschool?

A: We offer part-time care when available for ages two and above. Our program allows you to pick 2 – 4 days of the week to send your child. We do require that you set your days to be the same each week. We also look for someone to compliment your days, meaning if you want Mon., Tues., and Thurs., we would look for someone who could attend on Wed. and Fri.

Q: Do we offer any discounts?

A: We offer 10% off for your second child. This discount will be taken off the oldest child.

Q: Do we offer any free vacation weeks?

A: After you have been with our facility for 6 months, you will be eligible for one week of vacation per calendar year.

Q: What exploratory classes do we offer?

A: We offer Spanish, music, gymnastics, art, and computers. All the exploratory classes are included into the tuition with the exception of computers which is $36 per month (optional).

Q: Is there a curriculum for children under three?

A: In our two-year-old classes we will have curriculum that addresses color, name, and shape recognition. We will also teach patterns and numbers. In our one-year old classes we will have targeted skills each day that enhance vocabulary, motor and social skills. In the infant classes we will also have targeted skills each day that address gross and fine motor development along with language development.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you might have.


“We loved our time with Talented Tots. It has been such a nice balance between care and schooling at a pace that grew with our children. Not only were they well prepared for elementary school, they also learned how to interact with children and adults in a kind and courteous way.”
— Julie (Talented Tots – Kearney)

“Our family has been with Talented Tots for almost 6 years. Leaving your child with anyone other than family can be nerve-racking, but from day one I knew my babies were in good hands. For us location was definitely important, but having daycare and preschool all rolled into one is a huge plus! Both my daughter and son have been with Talented Tots since they were three months old, and to see them develop and unfold before my eyes is far more than AMAZING!!! My daughter was fully prepared for her transition into kindergarten and loves visiting her former teachers. She even asks to spend the day there with her brother when her school isn’t in session. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have taken the time to get to know me and my children, and I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful Directors and Owners!!!!”
— April Beckley (Talented Tots – Liberty)

“My family and I love Talented Tots! We started here two years ago with our child. The teachers are incredible. My daughter has made a complete turn-around since starting here. I love hearing about her day and what she is learning. I often hear from others how their older children haven’t learned yet what my four-year-old has. Our youngest child is getting ready to celebrate the BIG 1 here with her Talented Tots friends, and I could not be happier with the friendships she’s made already and the bond with her teachers. The crafts are an exciting end to our day as well. Hands-down the best center in town.”
— Leslie Bailey (Talented Tots – Parkville)

“Talented Tots has provided a safe, fun, loving and energetic environment for my children. I always enjoy hearing about my children’s day and what they’ve learned! The teachers and staff are always providing the best quality of care and make learning fun. They work hard to come up with new projects that allow our children to be creative and explore. The classes are small and structured to meet the needs of different ages which makes the learning aspect age-level appropriate. The facility is always clean and the halls are always decorated with the children’s artwork making it inviting. The exploratory classes are an added bonus that introduce the children to Spanish, gymnastics, music and more. I always know the days my son has music because he comes home singing! Talented Tots is more than just childcare, they are family!”
—Taran Svoboda (Talented Tots – Excelsior Springs)

“We love Talented Tots! I found Talented Tots three years ago and it was hands down the best decision I made for not only my children, but myself as well! They are not only amazing at caring for my children, but they provide the children so many opportunities. At age two, Talented Tots begin exposing children to gymnastics, music and Spanish. Our children have grown so much since they started with Talented Tots. What I love most of all are the bonds they have with their teachers!”
—Leslie (Talented Tots – Parkville)

“I can hardly believe that is was almost three years ago that I dropped my daughter off at Talented Tots so that I could go back to work.  It was a difficult and scary decision as a first-time Mom.  I wanted to make sure she was in a place that would be safe, educational, and where I felt comfortable leaving her if I wasn’t able to be with her all day.  I can easily say that I found that and more in Talented Tots.  My daughter gets to spend the day being cared for by people that I feel truly care about her.  The teachers and staff do a great job working with the her, and are not only looking after her while I am at work, but teaching her many things as well.  I love picking her up and seeing the crafts she has made, hearing her sing a new song she learned, and discovering what new things she is working on that week.  The teachers are so great there and I can’t say enough about them.  She has really bonded with so many of them.  She also really enjoys interacting with all the kids in her class and has made many friends and learned valuable social interaction skills.  I am so thankful to each and every person at Talented Tots for taking such good care of my precious girl.”
—Julie Livingston (Talented Tots – Parkville)

Both of my girls started at Talented Tots at 3 months old and every mom knows just how hard that first day of childcare is. Each time, the teachers calmed my worries and made me feel confident that the girls would be in good hands. As the months and years have passed, I can see how much they have flourished and how much they are loved. The teachers really have become an extension of our family.
—Amber Jackson (Talented Tots – Kearney)

My Family has been with Talented Tots going on 3 years now. The staff has become so close to us, we consider them family. They treat our children as if they were their own. They make our kids feel comfortable in a fun, loving, educational environment. Any time there was any problem at all, it was taken care of with a great sense of urgency. Leaving my children in the care of Talented Tots puts my mind at ease because I know they will be taken care of. I’m beyond happy that our family chose Talented Tots to be our child care providers.
—Jessica Steeby (Talented Tots – Platte City)